Igo Navigation

Igo Navigation

With the many navigation applications that have already been tested, the Igo My Way software fully operates and looks similar with a traditional navigation device. It similarly has an interface like that of a navigation device, though it relatively performs better on the platform used for iPhone.

Igo Navigation

If you would ask where Igo My Way can be purchased, iTunes store is the perfect place to visit. Igo navigation is much smoother with the gadget’s downloadable applications, including POI’s and maps. Navigating no longer needs a Wi-Fi or cellular coverage once you make use of the product. In fact, updates are more manageable through using iTunes while quarterly updates are made free.

Apart from it, Igo navigation extends a lot of its benefits like providing a much clearer screen, a better sensitivity and a more menu structure which is better as compared to the Nextar PND. Other welcoming features that the Igo navigation has include a location help, lane assistance, automatic adjustment and reality view. In fact, there is a wide array of selection for icon vehicles to choose from.

Rather than using an onscreen keypad from iPhone, iGo My Way has its customized design. The keys are alphabetically arranged with a QWERTY layout that is seen on computer keyboards. The address entry is made easier then since there are larger buttons for its setup.

Igo navigation is made enjoyable with a nice interface where the user can get access the music library. Its full-screen interface has large buttons for play, next, pause, previous and shuffle controls. Even in the music interface, the song timeline, title and artist are displayed as well. Right now, it is considered as one of the nice layouts in music control. Apart from music integration, it is much easier to route on a destination on the contact list of the user. In fact, the IGO navigation even has the ability in calling POI’s.

Additionally, IGO navigation truly compromises GPS accuracy, which is an inherent trait from the iPhone. The GPS responsibly places the position on a road, other than the road from which a user might be traveling. This may confuse the driver causing for the software to even calculate. The ultimate solution for this problem is to purchase for additional car kit. Recently, Magellan and TomTom are the leading providers for a product that enhances its GPS reception by adding a free call and improving a sound quality. It also tried to address the need for charging and mounting solutions.

Since it is considered a software application, Igo My Way is likely expected in making refinements as what probably has been seen with other competitors. The gadget helps a lot once these features like the direction list and text-to-speech are fully integrated.

Thus, for solid Igo navigation application, Igo My Way has its software interface which is quite similar to the Nextar PND. It has a much dedicated and excellent navigator as compared to other leading brands.  With its more pleasing layout and design, Igo navigation is easier as the gadget will soon improve once the updates are already released.


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